Before My Tour…

I wonder if….I’ll hear different sounds, I’ll see different animals, I’ll see any new interesting places to go eat.

I can’t wait to see…

…random people.

…colorful scenery.

I think I will…

…be very excited.

…be happy if it’s not HOT weather.

I hope I…

…will have fun.

…can buy myself a treat like an ice cream for snack.

…say I would like to go back.

After My Tour..

The best thing I did was going on a tour to knowing the Lower East Side.

I found out about three cementaries located behind old buildings that were theaters and churches.

I cannot believe I saw an old bar that was from 1857, and a movie theater that was once a jail.

My favorite part was knowing that Abraham Lincoln and the current President Obama made their speeches at Cooper Union.

I will always remember that the East Village first immigrant group was GERMAN.

-Cameron C.

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