secret life of pets.jpg

Secret Life of Pets 

Before the movie …..

I wonder if i will like the movie

…. if i will be laughing out loud.

I can’t wait to see the many kinds of animals and their secret lives

…. The kind staff at the movie theater.

I think i will be in a great mood after watching the movie

…. be sympathetic with the pets.

I hope i will see all my friends at the movie theater

…. will have a great time.

After the movie …..

The best thing i did was sitting with my friends in the movie theater.

…. getting to know max.

…. watching the movie.

I cannot believe i saw animals in the sewer

…. the secret life of pets in New York.

My favorite part was the whole movie was just OK from start to finish.

I will always remember the colorful pets in the movie

…. when snowball went into the to drop the keys.

By Olivia C.

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