Before My Trip

I wonder if Rudolph will help Santa deliver the presents. Is it a lot you have to deliver?

I think I will be happy if all the children in the world could get some nice gifts from Santa. I think that would make the children very happy

I can’t wait to see how Rudolph packs the sleigh with all of the bags and boxes that have all kinds of presents for the children.

I hope I will get to sit front row at the Rudolph show.


After My Trip

The best thing I did was think about all of the people that Rudolph made happy. I thought about all of the smiles on their faces. It was very cool to see Rudolph brought to life

My favorite part was when Rudolph ran away from home and his mom and dad went running around looking for him.

I cannot believe I saw Rudolph swinging from the ceiling. It was like he was on his way to the North Pole to help Santa

I will always remember Yukon Cornelius helping Rudolph and his friend Hermy so that they did not get lost in the snow and it all worked out in the end.

Olivia C.





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