Nikki– She is shy, low key, Dork, and not everyone notice her but she is charming. She is very creative and artistic.

Mackenzie– She is snobby, popular, she knows it all. She has a beautiful body. she is notice by all the boys in the locker room. She is very mean.

Text to Self Connection

If you can be one of the character which one will you be?

I would be Mackenzie. She is a fun an excited character. All the boys admire her. She is the opposite of my personality. Except we both are popular in our schools.


Do you think Brandon will ask Nikki or Mackenzie to the Halloween Dance party?

I think Brandon will ask Nikki to the dance because they have many things in common. They both like to read. They have excellent grades academically. They both are into supports. Also, Nikki will not hurt Brandon’s feelings because she doesn’t have many options like Mackenzie. All the boys from the locker room would love to take Mackenzie to the party.

By:Cameron C

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