Before my trip to the Lowline Lab…

I wondered if the sunlight would not only be bright but also warm as it is when you’re above ground.

I could not wait to see all of the different kinds of plants and how they care for each of them.

I think I will like the feeling of experiencing summer even though it’s the middle of winter.

I hope I will not see any bugs, bees or worms.


After my trip to the Lowline Lab…

The best thing I do was smell all of the plants and look at all the diagrams to see how the lab worked.

I cannot believe I saw a coconut tree! It was so out of place being as we were not just underground but also in New York City!

My favorite part was seeing how many different plants they had there and I liked that almost everyone working was a volunteer.

I will always remember how bright it was even though we were underground.

By Olivia C.


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