I enjoyed reading “Girl in the Blue Coat” a book by Monica Hesse. 

The book is about love, friendship and forgiveness during a time of war. 

 The story takes place in Amsterdam during WWII; Hanneke, the lead character spends

her time delivering black market goods to customers and  mourning the loss of her

boyfriend Bas. To distract from the anger and pain of Bas’s death Hanneke decides to

accepts a job from one of her client’s, Mrs. Janssen to find Mirjam, a Jewish girl she

was hiding from the Nazis. To find Mirajam, Hanneke joins  Bas’s brother, Ollie and his

friends who are members of the resistance a group helping Jewish people hide from the

Nazis. As the story unfolds Hanneke discovers the unexpected truth about the

girl the blue coat, Bas and Ollie, but you’ll have to read the book for yourself to find out.

The End.

 By Hannah H.




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