I’m glad Dewey seems to have such a good life at the library and that he also makes other people’s lives better. I like how detailed the book is and how it tells us all the things Dewey does and does not like.  I like listening to how he interacts differently with each person in the library/town. I’m sad that he had to go to the vet and be neutered and spend the night away from the library but I guess it was for his own good. I’m impressed that the author could write so much about something that others might see as such a mundane story but she still makes it interesting. I wish I could meet Dewey and that he could sleep in my lap like he likes to do. I’m worried that Dewey is going to get in trouble or lost though, I hope everything turns out okay.

I have learned so much about Dewey! This week we read how he loves catnip and how it makes him act really strange. We also found out he loves  rubber bands but he eats them which cannot be very healthy. The librarians have to become very aware of leaving them around but Dewey still sniffs them out. It reminded me of when we got my dog Ling ling and we had to pay extra attention to what we left laying around. At first it was hard because we had to think about it but now it’s natural to just put things off the floor. I wonder if we’ll start learning about things Dewey doesn’t like soon.


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