Women and men have more equal rights in the workforce today compared to the 1800’s. In the 1800’s, women had to give their husbands their wages. I know this because in Elizabeth Cady’s Stanton speech at Seneca Falls. She expressed that men have the power to “chastise and imprison his wife…to take the wages she earns.” Today in the workforce, women are making progress. The presentation titled, “Men and Women in the Workforce” by Sidney Kirk discusses the progress. Sidney Kirk says, “In the 1830s mill women made an average of 2.25 per week compared to men’s average weekly earning of $6.50-$7.00.” Jumping forward to 2012, Kirk states, “…the median hourly wage for women, full-time and part-time workers combined was 84% as much as men($14.90-$17.79).”  This demonstrates progress is being made in wage equality for women. In summary, women are making gains in breaking the glass ceiling.

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