What has happened so far? Vicky describes her life before Dewey. She lived on a farm at a time when women were oppressed. What I predicted was that due to her rebellious nature we can assume that she will leave the farm and pursue an education. What actually happened was that Vicky didn’t let anything get in the way. She moved out and eventually got an education. 

Vicky explains how Dewey has helped people’s relationship grow stronger. What I predict will happen next is that she will have a touching story on how Dewey has personally affected her. What happens is, her telling a story on how Dewey helped her mother daughter bond.

The library is doing renovations and Dewey is curious about the outside. What I predict happens next is that the author provides foreshadowing when Dewey is curious about the outside world. What actually happens is that Dewey gets out and he gets lost for  a couple days. He gets found. 

Every one is beginning to like Dewey. My predictions is that Dewey is going to make it big. What actually happens is the media ran stories on Dewey. He gets featured in other countries and even Japan sends a news crew to film a documentary. 


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