Book Report Addie Bell’s Shortcut

I am really enjoying my book Addie Bell’s Shortcut to Growing Up. What has happened so far is that Addie was not very happy the day of her birthday. Addie wishes she was not turning 12 but wishes instead she was celebrating her 16th birthday. Addie goes out with her family to celebrate at her favorite restaurant.  The waitress gives Addie the children’s menu to order from which this made her feel very embarrassed.

Caroline D.


Women’s Job Equality Past & Present

Women have just as many job opportunities as men in the 21st century than in the 19th century. In Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s Speech at Seneca Falls in 1848 she exclaimed, “to declare our right to be free as man is free…to have disgraceful laws as give man the power to chastise and imprison his wife, to take the wages which she earns.” This shows that women are less equal then men. In the present day, women have more opportunities than in 1800’s. I read this in the article International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family.  The texts states, “over the course of the twentieth century, women’s labor force participation has risen  from 20% to over 60%.”  In summary, presently women have job opportunities that are the same as men.

Trip Was Rained Out

Before My Field Trip..

I wonder if I will get to see the shark tank.
I can’t wait to see all the colorful fishes.

I think I will really like the sea  lion show.

I hope I get to see Dory and Nemo are in a coral reef life aquarium.

Trip disaster…

What really happened went to the MET and could not go to the aquarium.

All because of rain rain and more rain.

Caroline D.

Addie Bell’s Only Turning 12 Years Old

In the story Addie Bell’s Shortcut to Growing Up. Addie is turning 12 years old and she is not very excited about celebrating her birthday. What has happened so far is Addie is searching for the perfect birthday outfit for school. Addie does not want to look like a little girl but what actually happened is that the only thing Addie can think about is how cool it would be to turn 16 instead of 12.

Caroline D.

My Trip To The Central Park Zoo

Before My Field Trip…

I wonder if all of the penguins are black and white.

I can’t wait to see what kinds of foods the brown bear eat.

I think I will learn something new at the zoo.

I hope I get to feed one of the animals.

After My Field Trip…

The best thing I did was watching the sea lions eat their lunch.

I cannot believe I saw the monkey.

My favorite part was when the snow leopard went into the forest.

I will always remember the penguins swim.

Caroline D


Trip To The Museum Of The Moving Image

Before My Field Trip:

I wonder if we will do a workshop.

I can’t wait to see the exhibitions of the video games.

I think I will enjoy going to this museum.

I hope I get to see all the cameras that are used for filming movies.


The best thing I did was watch the I Love Lucy episode on the big movie screen.

I cannot believe I saw video game arcade machine.

My favorite part was having the whole movie theater just for me, Hannah A. and some of my teachers.

I will always remember the mask of Ms. Doubtfire .

Caroline D.i-love-lucy-logo


kaders characters_Page_1

Once upon a time there was a shower, and a house, and a mouse, and a cat and two dinosaurs. They opened the door “KNOCK KNOCK”, the dinosaurs said “BOOM BOOM” with their tickets to the boat right there on the river. The cat met scooby doo on the boat and they watched a DVD this TV. They watched a DVD about Jesus in a castle with a gorilla, a goat, and a rabbit which were his pets. The magpie (bird) had the key to the cave where there was an ocean. In the ocean there was an octopus, a fish, and a kissing frog on fire. The dinosaurs took the boat to rescue the burning animals who were screaming “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” to safety on the scary island. “AAAAAAAAAAAAH A ZOMBIE”.


By Kader Z & Caroline D

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