Women’s Rights and Clothing

I studied Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s speech at Seneca Falls. I had to comment on women’s equality then compared to now. Below are my thoughts: 

Yes, women have equal rights specifically when it comes to clothing. In her speech at Seneca Falls, Elizabeth Cady Stanton stated, “We do not propose to petition the legislature…to clothe every woman in male attire.” This demonstrates men had attire that women couldn’t wear. In the 21st century it is more acceptable for women to wear men’s clothing than men to wear women’s clothing. According to the research project, Roaring Twenties! by Jordyn Ostrowski And Derek Tomczik, women “were now able to dress how they wanted…” In conclusion, currently men have more restrictions in what they wear compared to women.


My Field Trip


I wonder if…It will rain.

I can’t wait to see…Sea Lion.

I think I will…take lots of pictures.

I hope I…can see penguin show.



The best thing I did was..looking at photos from the Peruvian Community.

I cannot believe… it was raining all day.

My favorite part was…the bus ride to the museum.

I will always remember…we did not go to the aquarium.



Rian M

Field Trip


I wonder if…we will be all in one bus

I can wait to see…a brown bear

I think I will…have lots of fun with my classmate

I hope I…can take lots of pictures


The best thing I heard was…seals tanning and eating

I cannot believe they saw…a seal

My favorite part would have been…getting out of my chair to pet the animals

I will always remember…my friend Kader



Rian M.

Low Line Expirience


I wonder if…I will be able to attend to the Low Line Lab

I can’t wait to see…the under ground tree

I think i will…get a flower to my mom

I hope I…can take lots of pictures


The best thing I did was…taking pictures

My favorite part was…looking at all the different kinds of plants

I cannot believe I saw…an air plant at the Low Line Lab

I will always remember…that the Low Line Lab cannot growth any ROSES!



Museum Experience


I wonder if… it would be snowing

I cant wait to see…one of the old buses from Brooklyn

I think I will…enjoy the trip

I hope I…can take lots of pictures


The best thing i did was…taking a class pictures in a old style train

My favorite part was…riding on both lifts

I cannot believe I saw…a blue #7 train

I always remember…all the different advertisement with 5 cents prices


By Rian

My Field Trip


I wonder if…the rooms will be very loud or quiet

I can’t wait to see…the giant video on the walls

I think I will…like all the color throughout the exhibit

I hope I get to spend a lot of time at the museum


The best thing I did…going to the museum with the primary class

I cannot believe I saw…so many light

My favorite part was…all the beds on the 4 floor

I will always remember…Mr.Shaun sense of humor


By Rian

Moma Trip

Pre- Trip

I wonder if…will be a rainy day

I can wait to see…the beautiful art work

I think I will…be very excited

I hope I…can buy myself a nice present

After-Trip interview

The best thing I did was…the art and crafts

I cannot believe I saw…a plastic chair

My favorite part was…the inflatable orange chair

I cannot believe I saw..a plastic chair

I will always remember…the red chair