Day at the museum

What I know already?

There are many animals to see in the museum.

What I want to know ?

How many types of birds are there in the museum?

What I learned ?

We learnt  about the journey the birds take.

After the museum

Favorite part:

My favorite part of the trip was seeing the birds fly.

3 Facts I learned:

– Birds has great memory.

– Bears like to feed on fish.

– Birds can fly for very long distance.

I wanted to learn more about…

-The snow Geese

Questions I still have:

-Do birds fly at night?

 shira museum pic

                                        By. Shira.K




What I already know…

There are many different kinds of fish we could catch in the Hudson, including a seahorse!!!

What I want to know…

What are the differences between all of the fish we can catch in the Hudson? Which ones are the most common?

What I learned…

We learned that sat water and fresh water can mix.shira fishing

By: Shira K

Book Report- Run by Kody Keplinger

I like this book so far! I like both characters, Bo and Agnes. Agnes is legally blind. She is frustrated because her family thinks everything is too dangerous for her, so she is very restricted. Bo is a “bad girl” with a bad reputation. She wants to help her and Agnes escape their small town they live in to start new lives! I think this is a good idea, but I think they will also get caught and in trouble for it.



Shira K.

Battery Park Farm



I wonder if I will get to take a bite of some of the food that is grown at the farm.

I can’t wait to see all of the workers and farmers working on the farm.

I think I will get to pick my own vegetable and take it home!

I hope I get to see and try a vegetable I’ve never had before.



The best thing I did was eat lunch at the park with my friends and teachers by the big water fountain.

I cannot believe I saw a squirrel sitting on the top of the cannon at the castle.

My favorite part was walking along the water with my friends and teachers.

I will always remember the water fountain in the park.


By: Shira K.

MET Museum

Before, when I thought we were going to the aquarium…


I wonder if I will see an octopus

I can’t wait to see the big shark tank!

I think I will get to see the seals do flips at the show.

I hope I enjoy the aquarium with all my class mates.


After, change of plans due to rainy weather! We went to the MET Museum…


The best thing I did was when Miss Lauren took my picture in the blocked off art room.

I cannot believe I saw old vogue magazines and fashion!

My favorite part was looking around the gift shop.

I will always remember jamming out to music on the bus ride to the museum.



Shira K

My Trip To The Zoo!


I wonder if I will get to pet the animals at the zoo.

I can’t wait to see the penguins and the leopard!

I think I will really like seeing the leopard and penguin.

I hope I get to pet the leopard!


The best thing I did was see the penguins walk.

I cannot believe I saw a peacock on the walkway!

My favorite part was lunchtime by the seals with all of my friends.

I will always remember the bird house with all the colorful birds!


By: Shira K.

Moving Images!

Image result for i love lucy


I wonder if there will be something to touch.

I can’t wait to see the video games

I think I will like the masks!

I hope I get to buy a souvenir.


The best thing I did was laugh with Miss Lauren during the chocolate scene on the episode of I Love Lucy

I cannot believe I saw the chicken explode and fall from the ceiling!!

My favorite part was the chocolate scene when both the women got jobs.

I will always remember our fun day watching moving images with my teachers and friends. 

By: Shira K.