One Card Done More To Go


The Awesome Ocean Odyssey!


1)Where am I going?

I am going to the Encounter Ocean Odyssey.

2)How will I get there?

We will take a bus.

3)When will I go?

Our school is going Thursday, January 25th.

4)What do I want to see?

I want to see the shark and the squids fight.


1)What did I think?

I liked the Ocean Odyssey!

2)Would you go back?

Yes I would go back.

3)One thing I remember…

The big whale eating us. That was funny!

By, Jason S

Life in the Ocean

This essay is about life in the oceans. There are two kinds of aquatic biomes. The ocean is a salt water biome. Animals that live in the ocean includes blue sharks and sword fish. The sunlight zone is nearest the surface where people could swim. In fact, the sunlight and warm temperature encourages the growth of plants, which in turn attracts animals. If I went snorkeling in the sunlight zone in The Caribbean Ocean, I would see many aquatic fish and plants.

By: Cameron C