What I already know…

There are many different kinds of fish we could catch in the Hudson, including a seahorse!!!

What I want to know…

What are the differences between all of the fish we can catch in the Hudson? Which ones are the most common?

What I learned…

We learned that sat water and fresh water can mix.shira fishing

By: Shira K


Book Report Addie Bell’s Shortcut

I am really enjoying my book Addie Bell’s Shortcut to Growing Up. What has happened so far is that Addie was not very happy the day of her birthday. Addie wishes she was not turning 12 but wishes instead she was celebrating her 16th birthday. Addie goes out with her family to celebrate at her favorite restaurant.  The waitress gives Addie the children’s menu to order from which this made her feel very embarrassed.

Caroline D.

Trip To The Battery Park

Before My Field Trip…

I wonder if we are able to help plant a flower, vegetable or fruit.

I can’t wait to see which vegetables and fruits they grow.

I think I will enjoy this trip.

I hope I get to buy a fruit.

After My Field Trip…

The best thing I did was walk around the park.

I cannot believe I saw the Statue of Liberty.

My favorite part was looking at the beautiful view of the skyline.

I will always remember Battery Park grows fruits and vegetables.

Caroline D.

My POV of Their POV

Wonder  by R.J. Palacio is written in each of the main characters’ POV. So far I like Summer’s POV the most because I think it is unbiased. I also like Summer’s POV because it is light and not heavy like some of the others. For example when August and Val tell their side of the story it is very emotional. My favorite part of Summer’s POV is her perspective of how she believes her classmates see her relationship with August. Summer’s POV  is that her classmates believe that she is friends with August because she feels sorry for him. But in reality the opposite is true, Summer is friends with August because she likes him but she doesn’t judge her classmates instead she simply explains that they don’t know him. Next time I will tell you about the POV I like the least from Wonder.


The End

Hannah Harrison

Women’s Rights Then &; Now

In the 1800’s  men had more parental rights than women, women were considered second class citizen in every aspect of life when compared to men. I know this because according to Elizabeth Cady Stanton laws in the 1800’s were so…” disgraceful “…  that they gave men the power to take the children of her love (in case of separation)

However in the 21st century women have more parental rights then men. I know this because “5 Legal Rights Woman Have That Men Don’t” says Woman have the right to be assumed caregivers for children.”In order to win equal or shared custody, the tertiary  caregiver must litigate to prove to prove that they are worthy of equal parenting (an expensive and difficult task.)  This proves woman have more rights and power in custody. Therefore, parental equality has shifted since the 1850’s



Book Report- Run by Kody Keplinger

I like this book so far! I like both characters, Bo and Agnes. Agnes is legally blind. She is frustrated because her family thinks everything is too dangerous for her, so she is very restricted. Bo is a “bad girl” with a bad reputation. She wants to help her and Agnes escape their small town they live in to start new lives! I think this is a good idea, but I think they will also get caught and in trouble for it.



Shira K.