Life in the Ocean

This essay is about life in the oceans. There are two kinds of aquatic biomes. The ocean is a salt water biome. Animals that live in the ocean includes blue sharks and sword fish. The sunlight zone is nearest the surface where people could swim. In fact, the sunlight and warm temperature encourages the growth of plants, which in turn attracts animals. If I went snorkeling in the sunlight zone in The Caribbean Ocean, I would see many aquatic fish and plants.

By: Cameron C


The American Museum of Natural History Pre-trip Post-trip

Before the trip…..

Where am I going?

The American Museum of Natural history.

How will I get there?

By School Bus.

When will I go?

November 27, 2017

What do I want to see?

Dinosaurs and Mummies.

After the trip…..

What did I think ?

I like the trip.

would I want to go back? 

Yes! I want to go back with my mom and little sister.

One thing I remember…..

Stingrays jumping out of the water.



By: Joshua G.

Cool Trip To The Museum!


Where am I going?

I am going to the American Museum of Natural History.

How will I get there?

I will take a bus.

When will I go?

I will go November 27th.

What do I want to see?

I want to see the dinosaur bones. 



What did I think?

I liked the movie and I liked the pictures.

One thing I remember…

When the bald eagle could not catch a bird so he caught a fish instead.

Would you go back?

Yes I want to go back, but I don’t want to see the movie again. I want to see the dinosaur bones.

Jason. S














Day at the museum

What I know already?

There are many animals to see in the museum.

What I want to know ?

How many types of birds are there in the museum?

What I learned ?

We learnt  about the journey the birds take.

After the museum

Favorite part:

My favorite part of the trip was seeing the birds fly.

3 Facts I learned:

– Birds has great memory.

– Bears like to feed on fish.

– Birds can fly for very long distance.

I wanted to learn more about…

-The snow Geese

Questions I still have:

-Do birds fly at night?

 shira museum pic

                                        By. Shira.K


My weekend

This weekend we tried to go to the Guggenheim Museum but the rotunda is still closed because they’re transitioning exhibitions. So we skipped it and kept on walking. We stumbled across a parade though! It was for German days or something, lots of men in liederhosen and women in dirndls. The photo attached was my favorite float, they did a fun dance too.

After the parade we then sat and people watched in the Park (another of my favorite activities), we saw this little girl with a second seat attached for her doll. It was adorable.

By: Olivia Christensen