Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke

Hannah A.


When Igraine’s  parents said one wrong word casting a spell, it caused them to turn into pigs. This is so funny.

Igraine rode off to the dark hills looking for the giant Garleff. Her parents needed his hair for the spell to turn back to people. This proves that Igraine is brave.


Exploring Battery Park

Hannah A.


My thoughts before I go on the field trip…

Awesome, I hope to ride the carousel.

Will there be avocados at the farm ?

That’s so cool being with all my friends !

My thoughts after I went on the field trip…

Bosque fountain was my favorite. The mist made me

feel cool, it was fun to look at.

The farm had lots of vegetables,we didn’t see any


It was a happy day !!

Exploring love in ” The Tell Tale Heart “.

Hannah A.

         I’m exploring the theme of love in Edgar Allen Poe’s , ” The Tell Tale Heart ” . The narrator loved the old man but couldn’t love his vulture eye . I know this because Poe states, ” For it was not the old man I felt I had to kill: it was the eye , his Evil Eye. ” This proves that the young man’s target was the evil eye.

        One quote that shows love is, ” I even loved him.” This proves he has a soft side and was a good man. Therefore, love is found throughout ” The Tell Tale Heart” .

Tuck Everlasting response

(written using CS4 essay template, 3/29/17)

In Chapter 11, Winnie changes her mind about the Tucks. In the beginning, she was happy. After supper, she was disappointed and scared. The author tells us that, “Winnie felt her elation, and her thoughtless pleasure, wobble and collapse.” According to Winnie, “they were crazy… and they were criminals”. The reason for this is they had kidnapped her. In summary, Winnie is disappointed and scared.


by Hannah A.