Trip To The Museum Of The Moving Image

Before My Field Trip:

I wonder if we will do a workshop.

I can’t wait to see the exhibitions of the video games.

I think I will enjoy going to this museum.

I hope I get to see all the cameras that are used for filming movies.


The best thing I did was watch the I Love Lucy episode on the big movie screen.

I cannot believe I saw video game arcade machine.

My favorite part was having the whole movie theater just for me, Hannah A. and some of my teachers.

I will always remember the mask of Ms. Doubtfire .

Caroline D.i-love-lucy-logo

I Love Lucy


Hannah A.

My thoughts before I go on the field trip…

I think the trip is going to be…


I’ve been there before and I didn’t like it.

My thoughts after I went on the field trip…

Here is what we did…

We watched , ” I Love Lucy” on a big movie screen.

It was…

Awesome and funny.

Overall, the trip was…


Would you recommend the trip ?

Yes, I would recommend the movie most.



I wonder if I will like the museum.

I  can”t wait to see a movie.

I  think I will take a picture of the displays and movies.

I hope I will learn how movies are made like my favorite movie



Ms. Patricia had a lot of fun.

The best thing she did was watch “I LOVE LUCY” on a big screen with cartoons in between scenes. Ms Patricia said it was funny.

Ms Patricia will always remember the arcade at the museum with all original games,

Asteroids, Donkey Kong and Pong.  I think I would have really liked the arcade room also.  I like playing games on my I pad.

I really enjoyed interviewing Ms. Patricia she is a really funny silly lady.

Hannah H.







Moving Images!

Image result for i love lucy


I wonder if there will be something to touch.

I can’t wait to see the video games

I think I will like the masks!

I hope I get to buy a souvenir.


The best thing I did was laugh with Miss Lauren during the chocolate scene on the episode of I Love Lucy

I cannot believe I saw the chicken explode and fall from the ceiling!!

My favorite part was the chocolate scene when both the women got jobs.

I will always remember our fun day watching moving images with my teachers and friends. 

By: Shira K. 

Listen , Slowly – Thanhha Lai

listen slowly

Hannah A.

  A mystery in Vietnam. Mai travels to Vietnam with Ba ( Mai’s grandmother) after learning that her grandfather, that disappeared during the Vietnam war, may still be alive.

  Mai is not happy, its very hot and she is being attacked by mosquitoes.  She misses home in Laguna Beach and her friends, especially a boy shes crushing on.

    I believe that Mai will have a good time and make friends. I think they will find her grandfather alive.


Mai                 Ba ( grandmother )

Dad                 Ong Ba ( grandfather )

Mom               Ut


Girl in the Blue Coat

I enjoyed reading “Girl in the Blue Coat” a book by Monica Hesse. 

The book is about love, friendship and forgiveness during a time of war. 

 The story takes place in Amsterdam during WWII; Hanneke, the lead character spends

her time delivering black market goods to customers and  mourning the loss of her

boyfriend Bas. To distract from the anger and pain of Bas’s death Hanneke decides to

accepts a job from one of her client’s, Mrs. Janssen to find Mirjam, a Jewish girl she

was hiding from the Nazis. To find Mirajam, Hanneke joins  Bas’s brother, Ollie and his

friends who are members of the resistance a group helping Jewish people hide from the

Nazis. As the story unfolds Hanneke discovers the unexpected truth about the

girl the blue coat, Bas and Ollie, but you’ll have to read the book for yourself to find out.

The End.

 By Hannah H.


kaders characters_Page_1

Once upon a time there was a shower, and a house, and a mouse, and a cat and two dinosaurs. They opened the door “KNOCK KNOCK”, the dinosaurs said “BOOM BOOM” with their tickets to the boat right there on the river. The cat met scooby doo on the boat and they watched a DVD this TV. They watched a DVD about Jesus in a castle with a gorilla, a goat, and a rabbit which were his pets. The magpie (bird) had the key to the cave where there was an ocean. In the ocean there was an octopus, a fish, and a kissing frog on fire. The dinosaurs took the boat to rescue the burning animals who were screaming “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” to safety on the scary island. “AAAAAAAAAAAAH A ZOMBIE”.


By Kader Z & Caroline D

kaders characters_Page_2