One Card Done More To Go



Where am I going?  Ocean Odyssey

How will I get there?  School bus

When will I go? Yes, I will go in October

What do I want to see? Octopus

What did I think? Yes, I like the trip

Would I want to go back? Yes, maybe I want to go back

One thing I remember… Yes, I like the school of fish swimming in circles. yes, I like the big whale.

Calliope S

The Awesome Ocean Odyssey!


1)Where am I going?

I am going to the Encounter Ocean Odyssey.

2)How will I get there?

We will take a bus.

3)When will I go?

Our school is going Thursday, January 25th.

4)What do I want to see?

I want to see the shark and the squids fight.


1)What did I think?

I liked the Ocean Odyssey!

2)Would you go back?

Yes I would go back.

3)One thing I remember…

The big whale eating us. That was funny!

By, Jason S