My pre trip questions.

1.Have you ever been to City Hall? 

 I am not sure.

2. City Hall is where many important people gather to discuss issues that people who live and work in our city have to face. Can you think of any important people who you might see at City Hall? if you cant of anyone, tell us about an important person in your life that you would want to represent you at City Hall.

The mayor is important at City Hall, but I would want my mommy to represent me.

3. What advocacy project or campaign would you like to be part of? What kind of change would you want to propose and discuss with people at City Hall.

I would be involved with the Department of Education.

I feel more board of Ed. schools should accommodate  for special needs  children and young adults like me.

My post trip.

If you visit, you must see…

The governor’s Room at city hall.

There are many pictures there.

If you visit take it or leave it…

If I go visit I would like to hear the meetings at the City Of Chambers.

As a local New Yorker…

Go visit City Hall!

I sure will, to learn about how to make where I live a better place.



Botanical gardens train show pre trip

1- What is the url of the field trip locations main website?

2- Describe one of the main attractions or exhibits at field trip location .

The train was very good to look at the way , I loved watching it go around and around.

3- What are you most looking forward to about this field trip location?

The different bridges that they made.

4- What are some activities available for visitors to this location?

The gingerbread house.

5- What will you learn from this field trip?

I will learn that everyone can make things with their hands.

Botanical Gardens post trip

If you visit you must see …….

The beautiful flowers, tall trees and palm trees lined the walk way. There would be lots of people taking pictures with the train passing in the background.

If you visit, take it or leave it………

The botanical garden always have lots of butterflies. Sometimes they land on our clothes. They are everywhere on trees the flowers in the walkway are very pretty to see.

As a local New Yorker…….

I would recommend you go visit it. It is very interesting and pretty . You will come away feeling good about your visit to the big gardens.