Suika’s visit to the Brooklyn Robot Foundry

I had fun at the  robot foundry and I learned a lot.

I enjoyed making the robot more than learning about how they work, but Chrystal wanted to  watch a video about what makes them move … Snooze

Actually I would like to know more about the people that build robots and their purposes.

I would like to go back again some time  .. Chrystal can come 😇.

Global Warming

Cows produce the most methane gas of all the animals.

Beef production accounts for 70% of all land used for agriculture, which is also contributing to deforestation.

Cows belong to a group of animals called ruminates which means that they have 4 stomachs.

Fire House Trip


I liked they way the firmen talked to me.

Firemen help animals stuck in trees.

Firemen help people who fall in the water.

Firemen work with the police and the ambulance.

They wear very heavy clothes.

Silly slide down pole.

Nice people with no fire house dog.

I had fun time!

By: Hannah H